What Does a Tree Arborist in the Gold Coast Do?

Life on the Gold Coast and around the world would be untenable without trees. The range of environmental, social, health, and economic values provided by trees is crucial for the earth’s survival. Considered the world’s oldest and biggest species, trees need regular loving care and maintenance for us to enjoy the benefits they bring.

It is for this reason that both commercial and private properties featuring a couple of trees need professional care from a tree arborist, Gold Coast. Yet, only a handful of people on the Gold Coast are aware of the importance of hiring a tree arborist, Gold Coast to handle and maximise the life of trees.

Arboriculture is considered a practice for managing and caring for trees. People educated and trained under this practice are called either arboriculturists or arborists. Places where people work, play, and live are the areas arborists do their work.

What arborists typically do

A property with trees gains considerable value when they are regularly maintained and cared for. However, a DIY removal or pruning of trees on a property is potentially an accident and injury risk. Arborists, on the other hand, are trained, qualified, certified, and experienced professionals to tackle all types of tree care and maintenance.

Improved aesthetics to a property are ensured when trees are properly maintained. For properties planning to install trees, working with an arborist ensure their proper position, resulting in maximised health.

Tree pruning is a science and an art that only an arborist knows and understands. The safety of people, trees, property, and homes is considered by an arborist each and every time. The multiple services arborists typically offer include:

  • Prepare arborist reports if needed
  • Preserve and protect trees during development and construction projects
  • Assess the health of trees
  • Manage the risks involved with trees, including their removal if needed
  • Plant and select the right tree species for a particular area
  • Undertake tree lopping, mulching, pruning, stump grinding, cutting, and trimming
  • Diagnose and treat tree diseases and pests
  • Provide consulting services

Tree arborists vs. tree Loppers

A world of difference separates a tree arborist from a tree lopper. “Lopping” trees mean removing their limbs and branches. A tree lopper will only lop trees without considering the overall health and position of the tree. The overall structure, stability, and health of the tree are compromised without a scientific approach to the removal of its limbs and branches.

Breaking of tree branches is a higher risk when the inefficient “loping” leave some poorly-attached limbs. The danger of falling trees is increased when bad weather strikes the area. Properties, lives, and homes are put at risk with inefficient tree lopping.

A tree arborist, on the other hand, is a trained, skilled, and certified professional that provides a scientific approach to pruning, trimming, and cutting trees. Risks to life, limb, and property are prevented in strong storms or winds with the proper trimming and pruning of tree branches.

Climbing trees is an art perfected by tree arborists. Their tree-climbing approach is very different from using harness systems to access the trees. While harnesses are part of the equation, throw lines, pulleys, and ropes are included.

A world without trees is hard to imagine. Contact us at Treesafe Tree Services to know more.