Things to keep in mind during the Inspection Period

If you are having a house inspection for the first time, it can be pretty over-whelming. However, with the following tips from the experts at home inspections Melbourne, you can make a home inspection a breeze.

Scheduling a home inspection

A typical home inspection period can last anywhere from a week to two weeks. During this time you can expect a few house inspectors to come and inspect specific areas of your home. Once they generate the reports you would have to take time out and go through those reports as well. You would then have to mention your repair requests to your agent who would then submit those to the seller.

The actual rule of thumb is to get all the inspections over with as soon as possible. Delaying inspection could only take up precious time. This is the time when you have to make the decision whether you would want to buy the house or rather back out.

It’s necessary to read the reports

Once the inspection is completed you would be handed various reports which deal with the different aspects of house inspections. This may include a plumbing report, a maintenance report and a repairs report. Do keep in mind that you would have to go through each of these reports. It may seem a long and daunting task but one which you have to go through if you want to ensure you are buying the right property. This is one way of knowing whether there are certain problems which you would like to be fixed. I case you miss something and sign the papers, the seller is no longer liable to make those repairs.

Negotiating Repairs

When the time comes to make negotiations between the buyers and sellers, most buyers make the mistake of asking for a laundry list of repairs. This may sound like a good idea at that time but it can actually backfire on the buyer. In a neighbourhood which is in demand the seller might decide to put the house back on the market if the buyer seems to be making a great may demands. While it may be ok to ask for major repairs, nitpicking isn’t really the best way to go.

It’s best to choose one or two issues which actually make a difference to you. This way even if all the repairs aren’t taken care of you can rest assured that things which actually matter to you are being taken care of.

When deciding on who to hire for house inspections in Melbourne, keep the following things in mind

  • Choose a home inspector who belongs to reputable company
  • Rely on someone who is experienced and has the necessary certification to carry out the inspections
  • Accompany the inspector if it’s possible on a few inspections.
  • Make sure you ask for references. You could also check out with the better business bureau for recommendations.

Source: Gallo Property Inspections