All you need to know about BSB30120 or Certificate III in Business

The BSB30120 – Certificate III in Business Administration could be your professional niche if you love organising or setting up projects. The wide variety of basic professional skills from helping maintain safety in the workplace to providing the wellbeing support of co-workers is covered by the course.

Thriving in different business settings is enabled with the abilities and knowledge provided by this versatile business certificate. The comprehensive qualification provided by the BSB30120 certificate allows you to feel confident to work as a hotel receptionist or as an administrative assistant.

According to Job Outlook, stable employment and moderate growth are seen with people equipped with a BSB30120 certificate now and beyond. A level-up above your peers concerning administrative job roles is provided by the certificate. It is also one of the smartest ways to leverage for a more senior role or job promotion.

While all this information about BSB30120 is helpful, how does one go about it?

Qualification Requirements

Residency status

  • Australian citizen  
  • Permanent Australian resident or equivalent


There is no entry requirement or formal RPL (recognition of prior learning) for starting the course. However, the pre-enrolment process assessment will offer advice based on the capabilities and skills of a student.

Computer requirements

The computer requirements are for students opting for the online course. Choosing the online class requires students to have the following:

  • Windows 8 or above operating system
  • A desktop or laptop with headphone points and functioning speakers
  • ADSL or Broadband, fibre optic, or any high-speed internet connections. Dial-up internet access is not acceptable.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer II, Google Chrome, or Firefox internet browsers
  • OS X 10.14 Mojave operating system or any latest operating system for MAC
  • Microsoft Word, Flash, Open Office, or Adobe Reader software

Age requirement

Students must at least be 16 years old to be allowed to take the course. A guardian’s or parent’s signature has to be on the enrolment form for students below 18 years of age.

Course Expectations

A wide variety of workplace setting roles is ensured for students taking this business course. The skills and knowledge provided by the course equip a student to:

  • Create business presentations
  • Manage customers and resources
  • Develop proper communication skills within the workplace
  • Inclusively work and support with colleagues
  • Write documents
  • Organise schedules
  • Work productively as a team member
  • Complete projects
  • And more

The Varied Job Functions for a BSB30120 Certificate III in Business

Personal Assistant

A personal assistant plays an essential role while closely working with a senior staff member. Everything runs smoothly in the office when the personal assistant is skilled in:

  • Booking the right travel plans
  • Answer all emails and phone calls
  • Organise meetings

Customer Service Representative

The important point of contact between customers and a business is in the hands of the customer service representative. The crucial role of a customer service representative includes:

  • Provide accurate information about the business products or services
  • Resolve complaints
  • Make sure that customers get the best experience at all times

Administration Officer

The glue making things work smoothly and seamlessly in the office is the crucial role of the administrative officer. The job role includes:

  • Manage office supplies
  • Organise policies and documents
  • Update databases

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